Response to consultation on Renewable Heat Obligation

Renewable Energy Ireland has published the response it made to the consultation, concluded in October, on the introduction of a Renewable Heat Obligation.

Dr Tanya Harrington, Chairperson of Renewable Energy Ireland, said: “We strongly support the introduction of a Renewable Heat Obligation which is in line with our 40by30 Renewable Heat Plan.

“Amount our key recommendations to the department we are proposing that:

  • The threshold level of 400 GWh for those who will be subject to the obligation is too high. This level would render the obligation meaningless for the vast majority of the heat market.
  • REI believes that the 3% target represents a very low ambition and REI favours a more ambitious target of 15% by 2030.
  • We would like the Department to clarify how they are going to ensure that the proposed obligation support indigenous renewable fuels rather than imported fuels.
  • The use of green hydrogen needs to be considered in the context of a broader hydrogen strategy considering its best use and value in the decarbonisation of harder to decarbonise sectors such as transport.”

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