Renewable energy industry calls for urgent action if Ireland is to meet its emissions reduction targets

New strategy recommends sectoral action to achieve more clean, secure and affordable energy.

Urgent action is now required if Ireland is to meet its emissions reduction targets, according to Renewable Energy Ireland, as it today launched its new strategy how we can achieve more clean, secure and affordable energy for Ireland.  

Sean Kelly MEP and Dr Tanya Harrington, Chairperson of Renewable Energy Ireland, at the launch of the organisation’s new strategy.

The strategy, launched today by Dr Tanya Harrington, recommends more action across power, transport, building and industry sectors to reduce carbon emissions. Renewable Energy Ireland brings together organisations working in wind, solar, marine and bioenergy alongside those developing new technologies that support the integration of renewables.

Dr Tanya Harrington, Chair of Renewable Energy Ireland, said:

“If Ireland is to meet its twin objectives of achieving energy security and net zero we need to urgently remove the remaining barriers to the faster deployment of renewable energy. The strategy we have published today outlines how we can achieve more clean, secure and affordable energy for Ireland but we know this can only be done by working together with policymakers, industry and communities across Ireland”.

Key recommendations

The strategy identifies priority actions to accelerate progress including:

An agile planning system is needed – Use the Planning and Development Acts to instruct An Bord Pleanála to prioritise planning applications for renewable energy and associated grid infrastructure

Grid delivery and flexibility are key – Delivery of grid is a necessary foundation for decarbonisation of the economy. Market designs must include system services, flexibility, and capacity markets and fully exploit demand side resources.

Renewable heat needs support – Simplify administrative and regulatory requirements for energy efficiency, renewable heat and demand flexibility and storage technologies.

Low and no carbon transport needed – Encourage Electric Vehicles, enhanced public mobility and cycling infrastructure while harnessing Ireland’s strengths for the appropriate use of sustainable biofuels and green hydrogen.

Early action is a must – Bring together industry, Government and other key stakeholders to identify ways to cut the price of renewable energy in Ireland so that we can deliver clean energy at the lowest possible price for Irish consumers.

“Ireland is one of the most fossil-fuel dependant countries in Europe spending over 1 million euros every hour on fossil-fuels this year alone. With Ireland’s reliance on fossil fuels leaving us exposed to international geopolitical events and record high energy prices driven by fossil fuels worsening the cost of living crisis, immediate policy action is required to reduce emissions across all sectors of the economy”, Dr Harrington added.    

The strategy can be accessed here.

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