Renewable Energy Ireland pledges support for Eirgrid plan

Renewable Energy Ireland has welcomed the publication of Shaping Our Electricity Future 1.1, EirGrid’s updated plan to reinforce Ireland’s electricity grid.

The new strategy includes proposals for new interconnectors to Europe and to Scotland, plans for ‘renewable hubs’ where clusters of wind and solar projects can be connected together, strengthening existing power lines and using new technologies to make the electricity grid more flexible.

In support of the announcement, Dr. Tanya Harrington, Chairperson of Renewable Energy Ireland said: “A strong electricity grid will be critical to Ireland’s energy transition. Grid stability and flexibility will help to optimise our renewable energy resources and decarbonise multiple sectors of the economy. We welcome the publication of EirGrid’s strategy and are committed to working with our stakeholders across industry and Government to give them our support for this plan.”

Renewable Energy Ireland also urged that planning on the next phase of grid development should commence as soon as possible.

Dr. Tanya Harrington continued: “The focus of the EirGrid strategy is on reaching our 80 per cent renewable electricity target by 2030. Delivery of grid infrastructure is a necessary foundation for decarbonisation of the economy and to help us reach this target.

“As the association bringing together organisations working in wind, solar, marine and bioenergy, we are fully committed to supporting EirGrid, and other key players like the CRU and ESB Networks, as we start planning how to build a zero-carbon electricity grid and facilitate clean, carbon free energy for Ireland.”

Established in 2019, Renewable Energy Ireland has a shared vision that by 2050, Ireland will be energy independent through using indigenous, clean, renewable energy supported by communities across our country.

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